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The services that we serve you

We provide some of the most important image editing services. Which will accelerate the growth of your business. Below we have mentioned some, also you can visit our service pages to get more information of each service.

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We are different from others because of some of our subjects. That is what sets us apart from others; We are always ready for your work, we do not bother with the price, quality is our main principle, easy and conventional transaction method, your files are secure with us.

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We provide the fastest service as your deadline. You never have to worry about the delivery of your project.

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Our main goal is to achieve full satisfaction of the clients through the best quality work, we do not bother with the price. 

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We strictly follow a non-disclosure rule to keep all your data and information safe and secure. And always ready to sign NDA.

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We always keep the first priority of best quality of our services. You will never get a chance to complain about our quality.

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We are okay with all popular payment methods so there is nothing to worry about it.

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We have a team of highly professional and fully experts in our production house. For each of our services, we have individually skilled staff who are able to complete each of your tasks perfectly. They can give you the service you exactly want.

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Clipping Path

Get a precise hand-made clipping path to beautify, change, remove or edit an image.

When an image needs removing the background and has a solid edge. Furniture, shoes, jewelry product, clothing, kitchen appliances for instance. The clipping path will allow the cut-out object to have a clean and crisp edge and it will look natural when putting on a white background or in different color background. If an image needs a hiding background without removing the background completely.

Shadow Creation

Make your photo more realistic with a unique shadow creation service.

Shadow effect can make a huge difference when it comes to an image's natural look. Shadow effect adds character, context, depth, and texture to any object in a remarkable way that can create a very good first impression. TMORK offers all sorts of shadow services including drop shadow, existing or cast shadow, floating shadow to suit your needs.

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Neck Joint

Give your product depth and enhance your apparel and give them a 3d look.

Now a day's Neck joint Service becomes popular in online shopping malls because they need a complete view of garments. They shot new arrivals garments & send us the images, we perform the images as their instructions & turnaround, and afterwards they use the images in their web-shop. Neck Joint is popular with commercial publishing companies, online garments shopping malls, web-shops, buying houses, and Garments & Textile suppliers & so on.

Photo Retouch

Enhance the subject of your product photo, fix blemishes, scratches, cropping/resizing, and get a naturally lit photo.

It is necessary to retouch the photos to increase their attractiveness and quality, thus improving their value. Attractive products are important, as they will attract potential customers, which in turn will increase your billing. The attractiveness of an image can be improved by correcting the color, adjusting the poor lighting of the image, or restoring an image to its original color.

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Image Masking

Free every subtle matter from the background, including the hair and fur of your object.

Image masking is used in conjunction with clipping path methods. Advanced Photoshop Image masking service is useful when only clipping path method will not be appropriate for hair, wool or semi-obvious or translucent images like glasses, smokes, feathers, flames, highlights, lights, chiffon and delaine/fur, etc. This process is a labor instance but the output is worth the effort. It will help your product stand out from the crowd.

Color Correction

Make your photograph look more catchy with multiple color corrections.

Color variants are helpful if you’re adding a new color to an existing product line, you didn’t have the time or budget to shoot all of the product variants during the shoot, or you don’t have access to images of the different color options. Regardless of the reason, color correction services can save you valuable editing time but also create a positive customer and client experience.

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Our mission is to provide quality work within your targeted time at a very competitive rate. We have a team of highly professional and fully experts in our production house. For each of our services we have individually skilled staff who are able to complete each of your tasks perfectly. They can give you the service you exactly want.