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Tmork- your own graphic studio providing high-quality and world-class image processing service all over the world. Just think your team is always ready here with 100% confidence to provide Image editing services with excellent quality.



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In a market that has constantly converged onto a virtual platform, businesses cannot afford to stay behind in the race. It is indisputably the digital era and we must be at the forefront of the race to win it. TMORK is a leading digital service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We ensure fast, high-quality, and professional photo editing service at the most affordable rates. Connecting to customers has never been this straightforward before. But we must know the right ways to developing the brand image and maintaining it. We are at the forefront of all Graphic design providers in the market by our quality.

You can rely on TMORK to handle your job expertly every time. Actually, we pride ourselves on our quality work. Customer satisfaction & set a minimum cost level for our clients. Quality editing is the major factor for us. We never take payment before our client satisfaction.

Actually, we provide all the Graphic design services. But, nowadays, we are working only with the Image editing sector. We have worked and still do for numerous small, medium, and large foreign and domestic companies.

Frequently asked question...

We have a highly professional team of expert designers. We always provide 100% of what our clients want, ahead of time, at a comparable rate.

We offer a very competitive price for our services.

  • Background Remove starts only USD 0.30
  • Shadow Creation starts only USD 0.50
  • Neck Joint Service starts only USD 0.50
  • Image retouching starts only USD 1.00 
  • Image Masking starts only USD 0.50
  • Color Correction starts only USD 1.00

This way we also offer our other services at attractive prices.

By quality services we mean 100% work according to the instructions and before the deadline delivery. Usually we never have to revise our work but unfortunately if it ever comes we promise to do it very quickly.

You can use and file transferring method, we have always share our FTP with our regular clients. Dropbox, wetransfer and like this.  

We are used to with any popular payment method but XOOM we like most. It is another paypal service. We also accept Paypal, Payoneer, Transferwise, and etc. 

"There is only one boss. The Client. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."

- Sam Walton - Travis Biggert


Sagor Khan

Founder | Owner

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We are committed to providing the best services

To provide the best service we follow some key features:

  • Understand the instructions and explain to specific designers.
    Let them know the deadline.
  • The QC team checks well when the work is done.
  • We personally verify the work as instructed.
  • We ensure the security of the files even after delivery to the client and follow the NDA rules forever.

Morsalin Ahmed

CEO | Partner