Image Masking

Remove backgrounds from hair, fur, and difficult borders with our Image Maskingservice

Image Masking is very helpful technique used to remove background from images which contains hair or fur. If you want to edit such image via clipping path it will take you hundred hours to edit and it will not be perfect. Its very difficult to remove hairs and furs with clipping path, so advanced Photoshop skills and technique are essential to remove the background from such image.

If you want to process your own image on your own, it will take longer time. And here TMORK comes to save your time. We have the required expertise and experience to edit your image. We will use all the required options to create the perfect photo for your online store or clients.

Types of our Image Masking service

There are different types of image masking in Photoshop such as hair and flesh masking, alpha channel masking, transparent object masking, collage masking and so on. To do different types of masking, various image masking techniques are used by Photoshop, Pen Tablet etc.

hair masking before hair masking after

Hair Masking

Price starts only $0.50

This technique is used, normally for removing background of doll image, furry cloth, model image, furry animal etc. To extract hair from an unsuitable background demands extra attention because hair have many soft, thinner edges and curves. It is not an easy task rather time consuming and strenuous. Yet this types of masking does not get enough perfection in Photoshop without pen tool. That is why, Pen Tablet is used in Photoshop masking for getting the best result.

Alpha Channel masking

Price starts only $0.50

Extracting an object from an unsuitable background by clipping path, image masking, or the combination of these two is saved as an Alpha Channel which enables to edit easily the brightness & contrast, exposure etc. Alpha Channel Masking makes file size small which is suitable for uploading or downloading. In some cases, the channels are used to select objects or mask the background. This technique is used to select single colored or non-zigzag background objects.

AM before AM after
masking before masking after

Transparent object masking

Price starts only$0.50

Sometimes it is needed to extract transparent object retaining transparency from a background to place into another background. Again, when you place the object into the background, it is necessary to be visible the background or background particles or color through the object. In this case, Transparent or Translucent object masking technique is applied. However, this technique is used to many transparent objects such as glass, car glass, sun glass, frosted paper, plastic packets, fabrics like muslin, glass or plastic bottle etc. It is a complex masking and needs enough attention to complete the task perfectly.

Take a look to our few Image masking samples...

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