Wedding Photo Editing

A premium service to make your past event visual

The memories in our mind may grow faint with the passage of time but photographs are magical mirrors that tell about the stories of our past and reflects everything that we have already been through. A photo is that tool that brings us closer to the memories of a person even if he/she is physically away from us. For any person, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives and this is the day that they want to remember for their lifetime.

Wedding photos are of great emotional value for most people. It is often seen that in some of the wedding pictures when the moment when the photo is captured is right, due to some problems, the image quality is not up to the mark. This is the time when experts are needed. The experts are able to do proper image restoration and bring back the life of the photograph that went missing due to its quality.

Types of our wedding photo editing service

Considering the type of work required in the image, we have divided our wedding photo editing service into three parts. Below we have mentioned the details and price of each part.

wedd r before wedd r after

Wedding Image retouch

We apply modern wedding photography editing processes to enhance wedding photography. We deliver high-quality outcomes including bridal portraits. We have a finely customized portrait photo retouching, package in place.
We also edit the apparel on the images of both bride and groom so that it is free from wrinkles, dust, or spots. We’ll make sure everything remains perfect in your wedding photographs, starting from head to toe.

Color tone adjust

Our image editors can eliminate the excess yellow or redness in your bridal photos and make the skin tone look beautiful and natural. In case your pictures have an uneven skin tone, we can also fix them.
Whether your makeup stays perfect in the entire wedding ceremony or not, we’ll make sure at least it stays perfect in your pictures. We can apply blush, lip color, eye shadow, highlights, etc. to fix your makeup.

wedd color before wedd color after

Photo Album

Wedding albums excel at showing the most important day of your life in the best light possible while preserving that old feeling and adding to your family tradition. Real visual storytellers – wedding albums tell a lot more about you and your wedding than you know.

Our wedding photo album designing services are meant to treasure the memories of your big day. Our graphic designers can create professional album designs for wedding photos, anniversary pictures, and pre-wedding images.

Take a look to our few wedding photo editing samples...

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