Color Correction

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When you have several color variants for a single product, it makes sense to shoot it once and change the color later with photo editing software. You can make the most of your photography investment and repurpose the images for product listings, your website, marketing, and more.

But when you have lots of variants for hundreds of products, the workload quickly piles up. With product launches and promotions, a simple color change for a few files can easily turn into a huge batch that will take all week. And that leaves no time for growing your business, let alone fueling your creative passions.

Our Color correction service

Send us your images and get back to focusing on your business — we’ll deliver high-quality, natural-looking color variants quickly and affordably.

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Color Correction

Price starts only $1.00

Make your photograph look more catchy with multiple color corrections.

Our knowledgeable photo editors first perform primary color correction across the entire image project that you send us, tweaking the intensity of reds, blues, greens, shadows (blacks), gamma (mid tones), etc. Thereafter, once satisfied with the output, a secondary color correction based on chroma keying is performed where the overall luminance, saturation, and the hues of cyan, yellow, magentas, blue, and green is adjusted. If required we can also use several masking and matte techniques to change the color of only a particular section of the project.

Take a look to our few color correction samples...

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