Image Restoration

A High Quality Image Restoration service

Keep your photos and memories pristine with extensive digital repair and old photo restoration services from TMORK.

A photograph is not just a shot taken from a camera; it is a life-long memory captured in all its vividness. With today’s technological advancements, you can store digital copies of your favorite photographs and keep these memories intact for generations.

But the same is not true for the photos clicked before the arrival of digital technology. That is where the need for express and accurate our photo restoration services arises.

Our Image Restoration service

We at TMORK, use special images restoration and colorization techniques and manually remove dirt, scratches and other signs of photographic age. The photo is scanned or photographed on a high resolution, creating the digital image that we work with.

IR before IR after

Image Restoration

Price starts only$5.00

Old Photographs carry lots of memories, sentiments and nostalgic information. Every one have old family photos that have suffered from passage of time and neglect. We help save and recover old photos that might be water damaged, torn or faded and bring back those old memories.

Our editing experts have altered hundreds of marred images, with their expertise in handling photoshop software. The damage from water, dust, grease, moisture, etc. needs to be handled differently and that is why we are here to take this tedious task off your hands. Trust us to deliver you the perfectly new images from your old images.

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