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Shadow Creation Service is a technique that is used to put an artificial shadow to make an image more natural and attractive. This is one of the important steps of image editing. Most of the time the shadow is added behind or under the image. We all know that when we capture a picture it has an original shadow of the product but it does not look beautiful all the time so we need to put an extraordinary and vanishing shadow.


Our experts ensuring you. They have more experience to make the best nature of the picture as the ideal one of yours. They can make a genuine-looking shadow by adding some authenticity to your picture utilizing all their abilities and aptitudes. They create 3D designs where each and every single detail of the image are pointed and highlighted as well. Here Shadow creation plays a very important role to create the image more attractive. So, this is an essential element of image editing services.

Types of our Shadow Creation service

There are usually 3 types of shadow creation services. Below we have mentioned the details and prices of each part.

N Shadow before 1 N Shadow after 1

Natural Shadow

Price starts only $0.50

Natural shadow means the own shadow of the photo. With natural shadow, your image looks original, and there is no artificial effect. But when you remove the total background during photo editing, you also remove the shadow that comes naturally. To get this shadow back, you need a graphic designer to edit your images with the proper transparency and appearance.

To make any item’s picture real and engaging the client, we put a natural shadow under this service.

Reflection Shadow

Price starts only $0.50

Reflection Shadow is one of the types in which added shadows present the reflection of the product itself. This shows that the image is standing or remaining on the glass mirror and all of its parts are being reflected. We apply reflection shadow to create the product photo-realistic on a clean background or surface like a glass surface.

When we apply this effect, we see this product’s reflection on the surface like a mirror. We use this editing technique for the watch, glasses, jewelry, etc. type products displayed on a clean counter.

R Shadow before 1 1 R Shadow after 1 1
D Shadow before 3 D Shadow after 3

Drop Shadow

Price starts only $0.50

Drop shadow is essential to individuals who have a web-based business or any internet shopping business. They are more conscious about editing because they have to portray everything beautifully. Drop shadow is the most used shadow technique to give a realistic impression of product images.

You can make any item’s picture more realistic, eye-catching by putting the shadow in the correct direction and angle. You can consider it as the best effect than other shadow techniques.

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