Clipping Path

Hand Drawn Image Cutout / Background Remove Service

A clipping path is a closed vector path, which is commonly used to cut out any specific part of a 2D image. Everything inside the path will be cut out, leaving the outside part of the path as a residue. An outline is created on the selected part and it is cut out from the background of the image.
Or in simple words, it can be called the process of cutting out specific unwanted or undesired parts from the image and using the ones that are of great importance.

Our key of clipping path;

  • Accurate cutting out must and never missed any single pixel.
  • Both soft pixels and hard pixels are cut efficiently (never mismatch)
  • We are aware of the pixel density around your image.
  • Our high quality clipping path never misses any detail of your photo.
  • Our designers also know about each soft edge and hard edge.

Types of our clipping path service

Considering the type of image object, we have divided our clipping path service into four parts. Below we have mentioned the details and prices of each part.

cp simple before cp simple after

Simple clipping path

Price only $0.30 - $0.50

Simple clipping path, most of the products having a round shape are categorized for clipping paths. Plates, balls, cups, boxes, and more.
And a few curved-shaped subjects like wristwatches, and shoes with simple holes. The objects include curves and anchor points are more in comparison to basic subjects.

Medium clipping path

Price starts only $0.50 - $1.50

Subjects having multiple areas requiring cutting paths due to holes, complex shapes, and corners. And come with a few curves, holes, and designs are considered as a medium level of difficulty. Necklaces, wagons, and wheels are some of the typical products which belong to this category.

cp medium before cp medium after
cp complex before cp complex after

Complex clipping path

Price only $1.50 - $5.00

Very complex shapes, curved and perforated subjects. It can have many curves or holes such as chains, bicycle wheels, and so on. This difficult task is considered a complex clipping path.

Multiple clipping path

Price starts only $0.50 - $1.50

Multiple clipping path requires when changing every aspect of the image concerning its size, color, opacity, etc. These tasks are time-consuming because things require modification.

cp multi before cp multi after

Take a look to our few clipping path samples...